Green Logistics

What is Green Logistics?

Green logistics measures the negative impact of all operations on the environment and aims to minimize those negative impacts. In other words, it can be defined as a set of practices or measures to eliminate the sector's negative impact on the environment.

The logistics industry is one of the sectors that has a significant impact on climate change due to the greenhouse gases emitted by vehicles. Therefore, reducing the environmental impact of the logistics sector is not only important for the sector but also for the entire network it establishes. We need to find solutions that minimize the harm of greenhouse gases and reduce the amount of gas emissions to prevent transportation from damaging natural life.

As Destan Heavy Transport and Logistics, our environmental policy is based on a proactive approach that prevents problems from occurring rather than a reactive approach that produces solutions after the problem has occurred. With this approach, we support the transformation of all our business partners by sharing the value we create with them.

We are developing our logistics operations with environmentally friendly solutions to reduce our carbon footprint. Our entire vehicle fleet has been renewed in accordance with EURO 6 standards since 2022.

While We Grow, We Reduce Our Emissions.


CO2 28321992 Kg