Destan Nakliyat provides its customers with a wide range of airlines and maritime transportation services by taking the characteristics of the load, the schedule and the expense table. Our firm tries to determine the needs and create solutions based on the needs. Fast and damage-free deliveries are ensured all across the world by airline and maritime transportation.

Destan Nakliyat has become a leading brand in the airline transportation due its experience in the sector and working principles. Completed its investments to meet requests for quality service and affordable solutions that emerge due to the foreign competition that increases in the exportation and buyers’ faster supply requests in the international arena, Destan has the capacity to meet all sorts of requests of its customers.

Destan providing port and door delivery services as well as the combined transportation such as trucking rig+ship, plane+ship or train+ship deliveries and FCL and LCL transportation services due to its strong supply chain that it established from the entire world to Turkey or from Turkey to the entire world has the structure to provide more than one options for any transportation service.

Destan Transport and Lojistik has been the leading firm in its sector for a long time and provides service for you, our customers, in the International Road Transportation field with its experience it accumulated and the care that it paid to its business. It provides complete and partial road transportation services with the C2 certificate that it possesses.

Destan provides safe and affordable options in the railway transportation. Transportation is maintained under sturdy conditions in either closed or open railway cars depending on the type of your product. We provide services in the railway transportation in all of the possible directions.

We are always by your side at each step of the logistics in parallel with the experience, organization, infrastructure, vision and values that we have.

  • Planning the international transportation in the fastest possible way by taking the products from the related production point,
  • Concluding the foreign trade operations of products arrived in the customs in the most effective way,
  • Ensuring the intermediate transports from all of the customs in guaranteed and insured vehicles,
  • Professional stock tracking,
  • Effective reporting capability,
  • Storing the products with the inventory management system,
  • Performing the added value operations in line with the services purchasers’ requests,
  • Dispatching the products in the most effective way to all of the points in Turkey based on specific performance indicators and acquiring the reports or information from the customer’s services department in the fastest possible way,

You can continuously query your supply chain with our logistics team and acquire the permanent efficiency plan.

Destan Nakliyat provides its customers with the project and heavy transportation services as well as the conventional transportation by fulfilling the modern requirements with its wide distribution network providing 24/7 services and services compliant with the schedules and deadlines.


Destan Nakliyet adopts the same quality understanding while carrying out the storage, insurance and customs clearance services as in all other services that it provides and provides its customers with central and regional storage services.

Customs Clearance

Modern shelf systems, loading and unloading and parking services, management and tracking of the warehouses constitute the base of the storage services. Provision of short-term and trouble-free storage services by Destan Nakliyat provides a significant competition advantage for our customers.