Destan has a signification position among the current project multimodal transportation companies with the “door-to-door delivery” projects that it performs with its dynamic staff specialized in its field. Our company is one of the leading firms providing such service.

International or domestic transportation of your project loads can be ensured. Our company knows the best about which line covers your needs the best. It may sometimes be necessary to transport your project loads by more than one transportation methods (Railways-Maritime transportation, Airlines-Road transportation etc.)

In such cases, we provide you with all of the options after a meticulous study with all of the positive and negative sides. We can provide services for all sorts of loads of yours with necessary equipment such as the Flat Racks, Flat Beds, open top container etc. and it can provide tank container service for chemicals.

Our firm provides transportation and logistics services for big projects in relation to airline, maritime, road and railway transportation. In the event that it is necessary; cars and train stations can be supplied from the Turkish State Railways and the services can be maintained in a better way.