Taking firm steps forward to become a world brand in the heavy and private transportation, Destan Transport ve Lojistik is managed by a professional team. The Firm that is specialized in all of the branches of the logistics chain provides the most convenient service having adopted an integrated service understanding.

Destan Transport, which is able to provide services all across the world is able to provide the best and most accurate service since it has the tracking and control opportunities starting from the departure point until the final destination.

 Our Vision and Mission:

Our vision and mission is becoming a leading, intercountry transportation firm in the future with the approach that “our customers who are satisfied today are the guarantee of our future”; and providing fast, reliable and timely transportation service for our services and thus causing the customers to be permanently satisfied and serving with a company policy respectful for the environment; complying with the laws and other regulations; looking out for the rights of employees and working conditions; paying regard to the company rights and transparency,

“Destan Transport” From Past to the Present Day

Destan Transport has been in the sector since 1984. It brought its experience exceeding 30 years to the service understanding of the present day with its professional staff which changed in 2000. Destan aims at providing e-business solutions for its customers and starting a new process in the transportation sector with these new solutions it will provide.